Automated print control

Techcron SuperScan (TSS) revolutionizes automatic print quality measurements on print control bars, color wedges and test charts.

It provides fast and accurate data reading using an x-y control rails which automatically lower the scanning head, make a scan and then retract to accomplish a smooth cycle of print control bar measurement. Manual operation is also possible for spot color measurement. Working with SpectroConnect or ExPresso software the system has the following functionality providing data on which to make decisions on any PC via a USB connection.

The system provides:

• Ink zone specific density display
• Color density for CMYK and spot colors (spectral density)
• Densitometric gray balance
• Dot area, Dot gain, Printing contrast
• Slur/doubling
• Target values and tolerances
• OK-sheet
• Measurement data export (e.g. JDF format)
• Front-side and reverse printing
• Works with any sheet format and color bar length
• Display of single measurements when used as a hand-held device
• Statistical analysis and reports
• Ink zone specific colorimetric CIE L*a*b*and E*a*b* display
• L*a*b*, CIE L*C*h*, L*C*h*
• InkCheck: recommendation for ink key settings
• Display and evaluation according to ISO 12647 (PSO)
• Gracol G7™ generator

With a wide range of models, TSS fits the majority of types and sizes of press systems. A tailor-made TSS is also available on request.