Support, service and training

Your local CRON dealer will have been chosen for its ability to provide excellent first-line service and support to your chosen CTP solution. Depending on circumstances, this support will be provided on a contract or ad-hoc basis after the conclusion the warranty period which includes 2-year parts and 3-year (or 200,000 plates) laser coverage.

To provide additional security, CRON operates support centres in China, Europe, Malaysia and USA. Links between these centres, with China as the hub, means that expert advice is always on hand for any issue which cannot be resolved locally.

The support centres complement the efforts of dealers in over 50 countries employing many hardware, software and printing experts to ensure fast and accurate response. They are also responsible for developing training routines for every product to ensure optimum operational efficiency. Courses using these routines are held in regional offices or the HQ support centre as required.