CRON Automation options - CTP Peripherals

CRON's modular design philosophy means that CTP peripherals can be supplied individually or as a complete system allowing any CTP platesetter can grow from its standalone status to a fully automated plate line with feed, transport, punch and processing operations inline and unmanned.

Each peripheral is totally compatible with its host platesetter through the latest CAN Bus protocols as used in the aerospace and automotive industries designed to provide optimum performance and reliability. For example two CRON plate lines can be merged to feed a large newspaper press or one CTP engine can have multiple outlets such as a conventional processor, a stacker and a chemistry-free processor.

CRON Automation options - CTP Auxiliaries

CRON Auxiliary products add the finishing touch to any CTP installation providing customization for plate punching and delivery as well as automated system to control plate processing and the quality of the final job on press. For the first of these options, customized plate punching, please provide a specification to your local dealer who will provide a quotation.

Customised punching