CRON Blackwood plates

CRON's Blackwood plant is equipped with the very latest manufacturing equipment, research capabilities and support infrastructure to provide a world-class service to offset printers.

The fully automatic plate lines, with a capacity of 20 Million square metres per year, start the production process using the very best grade aluminium stock treated to provide the base on which to apply uniquely formulated photosensitive layers for either Thermal- or UV-CTP output. The photosensitive layers continue to be improved with a focus on the ultimate printing characteristics for the offset process - extremely accurate dot production, easy run-ability and superior wear resistance.

At each stage of the manufacturing process strict quality control ensures delivery of the highest quality plates. Elsewhere in the organisation, the support team not only keeps in touch with the latest market requirements, but also provides immediate help to resolve printing issues.

CRON Blackwood HUV Plates: robust performance for newspaper, commercial and offset packaging applications.

CRON Blackwood HTP Thermal Plates: high sensitivity plates for the highest quality print across all offset applications.