The amazing CRON HDI Flexo 600 is a space-saving and affordable CTP unit designed for small format and narrow web applications such as labels, stickers and tags. Its small footprint and ease of use make this the perfect unit for all small packaging and labelling work, with astonishing cost-savings and a minimum plate size of just 100 x 100mm.

The HDI Flexo 600 is a highly flexible solution for superior quality plate production. The HDI 600 features semi-automatic loading, and a head and tail clamp that makes it possible to image on a wide range of plate materials including thermal film, digital polyester-back flexo and letterpress plates, thermal offset plates and dry offset metal-back plates.

The HDI 600 model is available with four different imaging resolutions ranging from 2400 to 9600 dpi, and speeds from 1.5 to 5.7 square metres per hour, (dependent on plate sensitivity) allowing you to choose the model and options that are most suitable for your application and your pocket.

Key Technologies

Highly refined external drum

Constant temperature and dual-cooling system

Built-in dedusting system

Dynamic balancing system

V-shape guide

State-of-the-art linear magnetic drive scanning system

Leak-proof drum vacuum channel system

Semi-conductor Multiple Fibre Array and Optical Imaging Technology

Model HDI-600S HDI-600S+ HDI-600H HDI-600H+
Max size
Min size
Resolution 2400 - 5080dpi 2400 - 9600dpi
Laser wavelength 830nm
Speed 1.5m²/h 3.2m²/h 5.7m²/h
Plate loading Semi-automatic loading
Plate type Thermal Film, Digital Polyester-back Flexo and Letterpress plates, Thermal Offset plates and Dry Offset Metal-back plates
Plate thickness 0.10mm - 3.94mm
Footprint Dimension 1400 x 1175 x 1050 mm (W x L x H)