CRON HDI-1200is the first choice for packaging and folding carton printers and trade shops.

CRON HDI-1200 has a unique integrated platform that can automatically load and unload plates, effectively minimizing the chance of damage and avoiding potential waste when manually loading plates. As a result, the CRON HDI-1200 is very efficient and production costs are reduced.

Regardless of plate size, no need to mask the drum to seal vacuum holes when using CRON's unique patented leak-proof drum vacuum system.

Key Technologies

Highly refined external drum

Constant temperature and dual-cooling system

Built-in dedusting system

Dynamic balancing system

V-shape guide

State-of-the-art linear magnetic drive scanning system

Leak-proof drum vacuum channel system

Semi-conductor Multiple Fibre Array and Optical Imaging Technology

Model HDI-1200S HDI-1200S+ HDI-1200H HDI-1200H+
Max size
Min size
1000 × 1200mm (39 × 47 in)
200 × 200mm (7.9 × 7.9 in)
Plate loading Manual mounting, Auto loading
Resolution 4000 dpi or 4800/5080 dpi 4000/8000 dpi or 4800/5080/9600 dpi
# S series speed 1.0~2.4 m2/h (4.5~2.0J/cm2) 4800/5080 dpi
# S+ series speed 1.0~2.4 m2/h (4.5~2.0J/cm2) 4800/5080 dpi
1.0~1.6 m2/h (4.5~2.0J/cm2) 9600 dpi
# H series speed 2.0~4.6 m2/h (4.5~2.0J/cm2) 4800/5080 dpi
1.6~2.4 m2/h (4.5~2.0J/cm2) 9600 dpi
# H+ series speed 3.8~4.6 m2/h (4.5~2.0J/cm2) 4800/5080 dpi
2.84 m2/h (4.5~2.0J/cm2) 9600 dpi
Plate type Digital flexo plate, Letterpress, Ablative film
Plate thickness 0.11mm ~ 3.94mm
Net weight 1480 kg
Power supply Single phase 220V ± 5% 50/60Hz
Rated Power 6KW
Dimension 2315×1150×1175 mm (W×L×H)
Environment 18~28℃; RH: 40%~60%

# The speed data in this sheet is for the Max. size.HDI-1600 series' maximum peripheral length is 1200mm
CRON reserves the rights to modify or change the design and technical parameters without notifying in advance.